The CTF Staff is evaluating the options for CTF Camp this year in light of the ongoing pandemic, and we want to get input from our CTF parents to help guide our decisions.

We consider CTF Camp one of the most valuable and important things we do all year. We get as much time with the students during camp as we do the rest of the year combined. We feel considering what they have been through over the last couple of months, this time would be even more valuable and beneficial for them to get to be with friends and mentors, and invest spiritually in a way they haven’t gotten to in awhile. However, at the same time we want to make educated decisions that protect the safety of our campers and families and abide by government orders. With media reports being all over the place it is difficult to decipher the actual risk to our students and staff if were to go ahead and have camp, and compare that with the mental, emotional and spiritual risks of not having camp. Yet, that is what we are trying to do.

In our particular scenario, we would be very hard pressed to social distance at camp. The main reason being, there is no way to socially distance on the buses on the way up, so everyone would pretty much be exposed to each other anyways right off the bat. Other camps are doing a kind of “pod” system, where students remain socially distant from everyone except their cabin, since you can’t really remain distant in a cabin setting. Again, this doesn’t make much sense for us since there would already be exposure on the buses, not to mention the sheer difficulty of trying to get teenagers who haven’t gotten to hang out with each other in months to stay away from each other the whole time.

The other option would be to try to find a local camp, where we don’t have to ride together and then do pods, but again, keeping them away from each other would be difficult and I don’t know how effective that option would be anyways if you consider singing together inside daily, even if socially distant. Another possibility would be to potentially take smaller groups to different places, which would limit the amount of people being exposed. I am not sure how difficult it would be to find places to go.

SO, we are thinking through options. If we do camp as normal, riding together to New Mexico and not practicing social distance, we would add in extra precautions such as temperature checks twice a day, increased sanitation and hand washing (along with the camps increased sanitary measures), and a plan in place in the scenario someone gets sick at camp. Additionally, we would consider asking everyone going to camp to quarantine for the two weeks leading up to camp as well as checking their temperatures daily.

We just wanted to check in and let you know some of the things we are thinking and get some feedback and input from all of you through the following survey. Please help us navigate this decision with your opinions, and please be in prayer as we work to discern what is best.

There is a lot of uncertainty right now regarding what the next few months will look like, so we understand that your answers are a best guess for now and your circumstances could change.

Thanks so much!

And as always feel free to contact me anytime!

Brianna Marble


This is not just another summer camp, this is CTF Summer Camp! Every year we take students up to the mountains to experience the best week ever! Being surrounded by the people of God, and His creation, changes people. Great things happen at CTF Camp!


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Sunday – Friday, July 19-24, 2020


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